Learn how to innovate services and become part of the Sprint Masters Global Community by attending one of our boot camps.

The Sprint Masters' Community has presence in four different continents and it keeps growing. Our boot camps can be taken online or in-person and are an immersive and intense experience where you will use Lean Startup, Service Design and Design Thinking to build and accelerate a project.

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Our Sprint Masters' Community designs for the 99%. We are democratizing the access to service design by putting it at reach of SMBs worldwide. Read more about our movement in this article at Core77. Our manifesto is expressed below:

Design is For All

We believe that the innovative power of design can be transmitted to all people regardless of technical background, social status and geographical location.

Open Source and

We praise, and live by, a collaborative and open source mindset. From the methodology we use to the transformations we foster. Our community plays open, share a lot and build upon the work of each other.

Fast, Agile and relevant

We are biased to action and strive to produce real implemented change. The makers agenda has changed into one that is lean, fast and Agile. We believe in learn, build and measure loops. And we also stand by the idea that the empathetic power of design must be at the core of every Agile and fast-paced innovation effort. 


We are not a design firm. We are not a bunch of flat-lined know-it-all consultants. We are engineers, lawyers, scientists, scholars, designers, doctors, dog walkers, your average joe. We are anyone willing to learn the path to foster business transformations through service design. We are organized as a community, one that looks after each other and is united by one purpose: To change the world in 4 days, one sprint at a time.

The Service Path

We practice and preach service thinking. We focus on services and see products as mere avatars, vessels for the services they provide. We believe the path to solve the complicated challenges we face as society today lies in seeing things as a service.

Our Core Team. @ service for the sprintmaster.co community:

Tenny Pinheiro

Tenny Pinheiro

Tenny Pinheiro is a serial entrepreneur, author, designer and the founder of the #DesignThinkingForAll initiative servicedesignsprints.com. He is a also the creator of Hivelab.co, the first pre-accelerator program in the world  to foster entrepreneurship through service design. He also serves as a mentor to startups, and advises Fortune 500 companies, NGOs and governmental agencies. Tenny serves the sprintmaster.co community as Chief Catalyst Officer.

Alessandro Ng

Alessandro Ng

Founder and CMO. Alessandro Ng has studied both Telecom Engineering and Service Design. He has established a career both as a project manager and business manager for consultancies and large enterprises (In addition to being a 4th degree Karate Black Belt).
At SDS he is responsible for connecting the community to hubs of SMB's including retail associations, franchisee organizations, and the like. 

Ed Ceballos

Ed Ceballos

Ed was the co-founder of the StartupCisco initiative. A breakthrough early-stage accelerator inside Cisco using the MVS Model to create and accelerate disruptive technologies. At sprintmaster.co he is responsible for opening B2B oportunities to the community and new regions worldwide.
Ed is a Happy Person, Husband, Father, #Gotomarket and #GrowthHacker expert, #innovation fanatic. Harley Davidson rider, Ice Hockey amateur. (and TED fanatic).

Renato Endo

Renato Endo

Founder. Renato Endo has made a career as chief service designer and project manager for Livework. Renato’s expertise in traditional service design projects has been instrumental in the creation of the sprint master’s management tools and training models.Serving the community as the CEO during the early days, he helped develop strategies to keep the community connected, honed, and up-to-date. Renato is the go-to guy to everything related to the Brazil region.

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